What is natural dye:-

It purely means that the fabric used in making this garment is dyed using natural sources like plants, flowers, fruits and herbs. For example, we have used Aritha chal for natural white, madder for pink, dhawai flower for peach, pomegranate peels for yellow and green, and so on. The revival of this heritage process of dying provides us with an invaluable way to eco-friendly clothing. These natural dyes are non–carcinogenic and generally non-allergic. They are also known to have healing properties. They have lesser environmental impact as compared to chemical dyes since they are biodegradable and do not cause pollution on disposal.

 Natural dyed fabrics need special care owing to the properties of the dyes. Initial few washes are extremely critical. These fabrics require your time and effort in maintenance just the way there were brought into this world. Hence, please follow the instructions carefully for its long and colorful life -

  • Wash it inside out and with all the love in your heart.
  • Cold gentle hand wash with mild liquid detergents.
  • Do not wring.
  • Dry it in a cozy shaded corner of your house.
  • Citrus juice may discolor the fabric
  • Colors may rub.
  • Natural dyed garments may bleed color in initial 2-3 washes before settling in for a final hue. Do not panic, it's just the excess dye that is getting washed away.
  • If you notice color patches, rewash for evenness. 
  • Hot iron as desired.

**Inconsistencies and irregularities in weaving and dyeing depicts the fact that they are made by hands which only enhances its innate appeal and so it should not be treated as defect.**

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