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About us

All our garments are graciously handcrafted using assortment of fabrics like hand-spun, hand-woven popularly known as khadi, natural dyed fabrics, organic fabrics and so on. We truly love collaborating contemporary silhouettes with traditional hand-woven Indian textiles...read more

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The Kaatn Trail – Khadi Clothing Online Store for Women

Cotton Western Wear For Women

We are a sustainable fashion clothing brand of India bringing modern and smart khadi clothing and cotton western wear for women online. Shop for some of the classic and evergreen cotton western wear for women walking different paths and yet following sustainable fashion as their lifestyle. Reviving khadi clothing and promoting sustainable fashion for women of India is our prime focus. For years, it has been believed that khadi clothing is meant only for primitive men, however we bring to you khadi clothing for women in a refreshingly new look. All our outfits are thoughtfully designed keeping comfort and class in mind using sustainable fabrics like khadi and handloom, thus promoting sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fashion in India. Further, we mainly use solids and checks making it in sync with global standards. It gives us immense happiness to deploy ethical designs and production by focusing on good working conditions and fair trade and sustainability, Sustainable fashion is a philosophy, and growing movement, towards environmentally friendly fashion. Thanks for joining us on this league!